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CA DigiCert

CA DigiCert

DigiCert certificates

Certification authority DigiCert offers a comprehensive security solution. With the acquisition of Symantec Certification Services in 2017, it has become one of the largest certification authorities in the world. Its services are rated as high quality and as the only certification authority it is able to issue company SSL certificates within hours, the same day after ordering. In addition to standard web SSL certificates, we offer CODE certificates for signing applications and code, and we also offer certificates for electronic signature (S/MIME).

DigiCert FLEX SSL Certificates

New in the CA DigiCert offer are FLEX type SSL certificates, which offer a FLEXible combination of domain security, including changes during the lifetime of the DigiCert SSL certificate, when you can add domains at any time, remove and change. You can order a DigiCert OV FLEX SSL certificate to secure one domain or as a multi-domain SSL certificate with any combination of fully qualified domain name (FQDN) and at the same time you can insert star variants (WildCard) into the certificate to secure an unlimited number of subdomains. The most trusted DigiCert EV FLEX SSL certificate can be obtained for a single domain or as a standard multi-domain SSL certificate. All FLEX variants can contain up to 250 different domains.

DigiCert certificates

DigiCert Certificates

The DigiCert certification authority - the complete offer of SSL certificates

CA SSL certificate Price From Validation Issuance Speed Domains Secured  
DigiCert DigiCert OV FLEX $193.94 Company (OV) 1-3 days 1-250 Detail Buy Now
DigiCert DigiCert EV FLEX $309.70 Extended (EV) 2-5 days 1-250 Detail Buy Now
DigiCert DigiCert Standard SSL $198 Company (OV) 1-3 days 1 domain Detail Buy Now
DigiCert DigiCert Multi-domain $378 Company (OV) 1-3 days 4-250 Detail Buy Now
DigiCert DigiCert WildCard $590 Company (OV) 1-3 days Wildcard Detail Buy Now

Price from - The calculated annual price of the certificate when ordering more than one year. For more information, click on the certificate detail or order.
Issuance Speed - How long the certification authority will issue the SSL certificate (approximately).
Domains Secured - How many domains you can secure with SSL certificate. WildCard = unlimited sub-domains.
Payment - We accept payments by card, PayPal and bank transfer.


SSLmentor recommendation

SSL certificates of the highest quality under the DigiCert brand are the right choice for companies and financial institutions. FLEX SSL certificates offer flexibility in domain portfolio management.

More information about CA DigiCert

What you should know before you place an order.

Certification authority DigiCert

CA DigiCert - high quality services and very fast issuance of SSL certificates with corporate verification

DigiCert Certification Authority is a private company founded in 2003 in the USA. It has specialized in the field of internet security since its inception. The company's milestone came in 2017, when it took over Symantec's PKI division, including the GeoTrust, RapidSSL, Thawte and VeriSign brands, to become one of the world's largest certificate authorities. In 2018, DigiCert acquired QuoVadis, a Swiss company offering qualified digital certificates that comply with eIDAS and EU regulations (source Wiki).

Domain Validated SSL certificates

SSL certificates issued in minutes

The applicant for the SSL certificate is verified by sending an e-mail message to the selected e-mail. According to the rules there are fixed addresses to choose from admin@, administrator@, webmaster@, hostmaster@ or postmaster@. We recommend creating one of the addresses, or having it set as an alias, ev. use the domain basket and retrieve the confirmation e-mail from it.
Instead of e-mail confirmation, alternative validation offers inserting a TXT record into a DNS domain zone or a text file into the data space on the server (FTP). We support both alternative verification methods and are set in the order detail.

Note i: It is not possible to send a validation email to a personal address e.g.
Note ii: WildCard SSL supports only e-mail or DNS validation.

Company Validated SSL certificates

Company Certificate increasing user trust in your website and its credibility

Verification of the applicant for an OV/EV SSL certificate is based on the CA/B Forum guidelines and each CA must follow the set process.
First, the domain is validated as for domain SSL certificates. Next, the existence of the company is verified and the address is checked. If the Authority can not confirm legal, operational and physical existence the validation time is extended. The final validation is done by a phone call to a phone number that is traceable in public authority databases.

CA DigiCert verifies that the organization requesting a certificate is in good standing. This includes confirming good standing and active registration in corporate registries. It also includes verifying that the organization is not listed in any fraud, phishing, or government restricted entities, or anti-terrorism databases. Additionally, it verifies that the organization requesting a certificate is the organization to which the certificate will be issued and also verifies the organization's contact.

Note i: It is not possible to send a validation email to a personal address e.g.
Note ii: EV SSL are more consistently validated. In addition to the existence of the company, the applicant (contact) for the certificate is also verbally verified.

Multi-Year Certificates

We offer SSL certificates for up to 5 years in order to provide the lowest cost per year

As of 1 September 2020, Apple, Google and Mozilla browsers and devices do not accept new SSL/TLS certificates that have a lifetime of more than 398 days. To comply with the latest security requirements, multi-year SSL certificates are issued for 1 year (max. 398 days). You'll need to re-issue the certificate once per year. We'll send you email notifications starting 30 days before expiration. Of course, REISSUE is free of charge. Plus you can reissue your certificate at any time and as many times as you like!

After the certificate is issued, you cannot shorten the period of validity, ask for a refund of the unused period! If you decide to get a multi-year SSL certificate, we recommend that you consider whether you will use it for the entire period.

Note i: Re-issue requires revalidation.
Note ii: You can insert new CSR or use last one during reissue.

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