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How to RENEW SSL certificate

The validity of the TLS/SSL certificate is limited for security reasons. Renewing an expiring SSL certificate is the same as ordering a new certificate. For security reasons, it is necessary to generate a new certificate request (CSR), a new private key and pass the verification according to the type of certificate. We send our clients information about the upcoming expiration sufficiently in advance so that we do not forget to renew the certificate in time.

RENEW certificate within Control Panel

As the functional SSL certificate expires, the option to renew the existing SSL certificate becomes available in the administration. The new order copies all the original data for quick and easy completion, all information can be edited, including confirmation emails.

New Certificate Request (CSR)

For security reasons, a new private key as well as a certificate request must be generated when the SSL certificate is renewed. Therefore, the original keys cannot be reused. You can easily generate a CSR request and a private key in our Control Panel. If you generate the request yourself, it must be the same as the original certificate, including the exact domain name.

Verification by a certification authority

Renewing an SSL certificate also involves a complete process for verifying the request for an SSL certificate. For corporate OV and EV SSL certificates, it is necessary to start the renewal in time for the issuance to catch up before expiration. Ideally, it should start approximately 30 days before expiration. There is no need to worry that the paid period of the original SSL certificate will fail. The CA will add this period to the new one.

RENEW from another vendor

If your certificate, which was purchased from another dealer, expires, you can renew it with us without any problems. The offered SSL certificates are ordered and issued by the same certification authorities. Renewal can be performed 30 days before expiration and the CA will automatically add the unused period to the new certificate. In the order, you only select the option that it is "Certificate Renewal (Renew)".

If you ordered certificates directly from a certification authority, you can save up to 70% of the price by ordering via the SSLmentor project.
If you use other suppliers, compare the price with our offer before ordering an SSL certificate.

What to do if the certificate has expired?

The certificate may not be renewed or may have been forgotten. In this case, we recommend temporarily ordering a free SSL certificate from the SECTIGO certification authority, which is valid for 90 days and is fully trusted. The certificate can be obtained and deployed in minutes. This ensures secure HTTPS communication and it is possible to extend the original SSL certificate in peace.

Expirovaný SSL certifikát (Chrome)

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