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SSL Server Test

SSL Server Test

Test SSL - Qualys SSL Server Test

The SSL Labs project - SSL Server Test from the security company Qualys has long been considered a standard for testing the security level of a web server and setting up an SSL certificate. The service is free and performs an in-depth analysis of the web server's security configuration. The result of the test is an evaluation on a scale of F to A or A +, including detailed details of the SSL certificate settings and also the server. The test results contain information about problems and bad settings, including information on how to improve server security.
We always recommend that you do this test after deploying the SSL certificate on the server.

Initiation of the test

The server and SSL certificate settings are tested by entering the domain name in the form. It is possible to disable the display of the result publicly "Do not show the results on the boards".

SSLlabs - SSL Server Test

Testing process

The test itself takes more than 2 minutes. SSL Labs Server Test really thoroughly tests server settings. The status of the test is displayed in %.

SSLlabs - SSL Server Test - zpracování

Qualys test result

The final output of the test is a web server security assessment and complete analysis, including detailed setup details. The color of the problems (red, orange) indicates where there are security reserves on the server. Presentations that receive an A grade in the first test have sufficient security with a minimum of risk. The best test result is A +, and if you get an A rating, A + can be achieved by actively setting up other security mechanisms, such as HSTS headers (HTTP Strict Transport Security).

SSLlabs - SSL Server Test - výsledek testu A+

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